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Thank you for Ginger Ninjas. I am shouting to all my friends and contacts to buy these super dooper cookies.

OMG hands down the yummiest biscuits you can buy. We loved the ginger ones but have just tried the choc chip and they are even better! Thank you for making such a yummy product and one that I would trust to give my 16 month old. Big fan!

My local supermarket just recently started stocking your cookies and I just wanted to let you know how amazing they are! I purchased the Ginger Ninja cookies and they are absolutely amazing! So delicious. The fact that they are all natural is just a bonus. I just love the whole idea of the ‘I love Baking Cookies’ and everything they stand for. I hope more people discover how delicious and amazing they are!

Just found these! They are awesome! Finally some decent palm oil free cookies!!!

Having enjoyed your Angus Beef Steak & Rosemary tonight for dinner I would like to say that I enjoyed it immensely. I found it interesting to have this wonderful flavour of Beef & Rosemary still on my taste-buds long after I had finished eating.

These are awesome, I got the major thumbs up on the school lunches – it’s great when you feel like you’re winning with a much healthier option on a nice sweet treat so to speak. The fave is probably the munchy choc chip but surprisingly so has the muesli version, we will be trying the coco chocs next.

As a big fan of coconut I bought your coconut choc chunk cookies – the best cookies in my life ever!

Tried the ginger biscuits recently. They are soooo good! My 8 month old just loves them. Great to be able to give her something yummy that’s not full of refined sugars.

I am not a great biscuit eater, but they appealed to me and when I got home I tried the Ginger Ninja cookies – and what a wonderful surprise. They were so beautiful and yummy and so full of goodness. I will certainly be buying more – thank you for your cookies.

I just had one of your delicious spiced chickpea and spinach pies, and let me start by saying that it was absolutely DIVINE!

Not only are your pies delicious, they all look gift wrapped to me.

I just polished off two Ginger Ninja ones and the two year old had the Manuka Honey after her lunch! Yummy!

Your pies are nothing short of amazing – we adore the entire range of savoury pies and rolls available. We even supplied your sausage and vege rolls at our creche end of year function last year as they suited the dietary requirements of all our whanau.

Absolutely a new favourite in our house especially with a nut and egg allergy.

Love your pies and was really excited to see the Ginger Ninja cookies today in the supermarket. Yum, perfect with a cup of. Tea.

Totally love the cookies I’ve tried! Obsessed with the manuka honey muesli though! Keep up the great work.

I thought the aussies were famous for their meat pies but OMG! These meat pies are seriously the BEST meat pies I have ever tasted!

I just wanted to say I love your food. First tried your sausage rolls, lamb and rosemary just delicious, a big hit at work. Just discovered your ginger biscuits they are so yummy. Just wanted you to know what fantastically yummy food you produce.

It’s a joy to create beautiful food for busy families and we want to say a big thanks to everyone who has supported us so far on our journey. Happy Eating!